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Mansoura Pastries (515 Kings Highway, 718-645-7977), owned by 69-year-old Isaac Mansoura and his son, Allen, 39. The elder Mansoura is an Egyptian who moved here from Cairo when Nasser came to power. "Farouk and Nasser were customers in my pastry shop, but still I had to leave," he says. The baklava made in this airy, old-fashioned store is light with honey, flowery with rose water, and not as cloyingly sweet as other Turkish pastries (walnut or pistachio). The burekas, bite-size, triangle-shaped phyllo-wrapped pastries filled with either Muenster cheese or spinach, are superlative, and freeze well. The other cocktail canapes-bite-size frozen pies filled with ground lamb seasoned with allspice and black pepper. The baba ghannouj here is thick and pulpy, flecked with parsley and green pepper, and full of garlic. Mansoura's also makes Syrian ice cream. The apricot, a thick slushy, icy puree of dried apricots, is nothing short of celestial. In May, there'll be pistachio, strawberry, and vanilla.

Made in NYC Kosher
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