Mansoura Pastries

Due to preparations for the Passover holiday, our standard line of pastries and confections will not be available.

Our ONLINE store will be closed from 3/9/18 - 4/9/18

Our location in Brooklyn, NY will be closed from 3/31/18 - 4/9/18

Sponge Candy

    Sponge Candy

    You may recognize this tantalizing sweet as honeycomb candy, a legendary delight known for its beehive pattern and unusual texture. Indulge your feelings of nostalgia with our traditional molasses-sweetened version, popular worldwide and with people of all ages. We balance the candy's sweetness by covering each piece in dark chocolate. Savor the lively crunch of this much-loved candy as is, or try sprinkling a few chunks on ice cream. Also try our invigorating mint flavor.
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    Made in NYC Kosher
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