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Tuesday January 27, 2009
Brooklyn News section Page 12

Sweet, sugary relief to winter blues

Boro's bakeries full of delights
By Denise Romano

IT IS the coldest month of the year, and most of you must be craving a lil' somethin' sweet to help forget about the winter blahs. Brooklyn News has made a list of places around the boro that sell all sorts of sugary delights to brighten your day.

Mansoura, 515 Kings Highway, (718) 645-7977
For the finest Mediterranean deserts, Mansoura is the place to go. Only the finest recipes that have been in families for more than 200 years from Greece, Turkey, Syria, Israel and Lebanon are used. Mansoura has a full line of macaroons, Belgian chocolates, baklava, and butter cookies. Be sure to try the loukoum, or "Turkish delight," which is a rose-water flavored pistachio confection dipped in chocolate. 

Sunday May 13, 2012

Eating Along the Q Line: Mansoura Pastries specializes in Middle Eastern treats

The baklava and Turkish Delight have been a family tradition for more than 200 years
By Patty Lee

Baking is a 200-year-old tradition for the family behind Mansoura Pastries.

The Kings Highway shop opened in 1961, but the Mansouras’ legacy goes back much further, spanning three continents.

Originally from Aleppo, Syria — they opened their first bakery around 1780 — the family moved to Cairo and Paris before coming to Brooklyn.

Once in the borough, the Mansouras went back to doing what they did best: baking.

The ancient recipes have all been passed down from “generation to generation,” says Jack Mansoura, who now runs the shop with brother David.

Located between E. 2nd and E. 3rd Sts., the bakery is a bit of a trek from the Q train station, but with all the calories to be consumed, a walk doesn’t hurt.

Mansoura specializes in Middle Eastern pastries like baklava.

“It’s made with multiple fine layers of filo dough and nuts and topped with sugar syrup and honey,” explains Mansoura.

The crispy Turkish treats, which are cut into diamond shapes, come in several flavors (almond, pistachio and walnut are some of the most popular) and are accented with an orange blossom-infused syrup.

They also make Turkish delight, a crunchy candy with chopped pistachios and rosewater, and gourmet chocolates.

“We have some of the best chocolate pretzels,” says Mansoura. “Everything is made in the shop.”

Brooklynites aren’t the only ones who flock to the bakery to satisfy their sugar cravings.

Long popular with the local community, Mansoura sees customers coming in, not just from other boroughs, but other parts of the world.

“We have people who bring them back in their suitcase.”

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